Today is legendary inker Klaus Janson’s 61st birthday!

A sampling of Klaus Janson’s greatness.

from wikipedia…

After a short stint as assistant to Dick Giordano in the early 1970s, Janson came to prominence as the inker over Sal Buscema’s pencils on The Defenders. Since then he has freelanced on most of the major titles at Marvel and DC. In 1975 he began a long run as inker on Daredevil, running from #124 through #197. With #171 the series went from bi-monthly to monthly; unable to handle the increased workload, then-writer/penciler Frank Miller began increasingly relying on Janson for the artwork, sending him looser and looser pencils beginning with #173. By issue #185, Miller had virtually relinquished his role as Daredevil’s artist, and was providing only rough layouts for Janson to pencil, ink, and color. After Miller’s departure, Janson drew the series by himself for four issues.  His collaboration with Miller on Daredevil would soon be eclipsed by a second collaboration between them, on Batman: The Dark Knight Returns in 1986. 
Janson has taught sequential storytelling at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, since the 1990s and has written both The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics and The DC Comics Guide to Inking Comics. Janson also holds annual seminars at Marvel for the editorial staff and their up-and-coming artists, and teaches short courses on comics storytelling for the New York-based Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.


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