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It’s Vampirella! 11×14, pitt pens, warm and cool grey copic markers, and white ink.

This was a Halloween commission. It’s the only real piece of cheesecake I’ve done in a while, and it was good to dust off those old art muscles. I do think that I should have put some more hazy/foggy tombstones in the background, in order for a better transition to the treeline. Also, her one leg looks a tad short maybe, but it’s curving back slightly. I’m not sure how well that actually comes across. A lot of the feel of this is Nightmare Before Christmas, especially the Jack-o-lantern andVampi’s hair.

Also, Craig’s asked me to blog about my creative process in regards to my copic marker commissions, so I’ll be posting again pretty soon, and hopefully somewhat often, about my next piece — Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne, along with maybe, just maybe, a bevy of lovey admirers…

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