Here’s Mike’s first collaboration of 2013 with John Lustig for his always-hilarious LAST KISS comic strip.

The original LK strip art Mike started with…and the “Cupified” version. (Art drawn w/ brush and ink, then scanned and colored/touched up/rendered in Photoshop.)

Mike’s original line gag was:

GUY: You don’t like my Cupid outfit?
GIRL: Cupid? I thought you were a congressman!

John didn’t think the congressman reference was obvious enough–perhaps if there were a recent scandal involving one with diapers, it would’ve worked. (Mike just figured the perversion was obvious enough!) But John flopped the image and came back with a gag that was perfect for the LAST KISS site and theme. What was it? Just go to his site and see! He also has the original Silver Age page on display.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the gang at WH…and be careful what you wear!

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