The Mighty Isis May 24, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Notes from Richard…

An 11×14 Heroes Con 2016 commission for a Patreon patron.

The background is an homage to Frank Frazetta’s Egyptian Queen, one of my favorite paintings of his. I was kind of going for an air of mystery about the scene, with lots of dark fades and earth tones. The golden colors themselves are even more muted, and I think I may take that approach more often in the future. I don’t know about the Captain Marvel and Superman logo importance, I’ll let the commissioner explain them should he choose.

I’m really proud of how this one turned out, but the scan is flat-out horrible. There are a lot of subtle gradations here that are lost. The scanner light tends to brightly reflect back on areas with a lot of/thick color which become glossy and sticky with all of the blending. While other areas, as the marker bleeds through the board, become more transparent. I really should invest in a quality used DSLR camera and patience sometime. I’ll load up a cellphone pic for patrons as a reference.



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