Lazarus nominated for Eisner Award! April 15, 2014 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: ,


A quick note from Brian Level on the announcement today that Lazarus, a book he’s been working on this past year, was just nominated for an Eisner!



Hey everyone, this may mean nothing to most of you but I’m very very excited over here. The book I do art assisting on, LAZARUS, was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best New Series which is really great. Granted I had little/nothing to do with winning the award but more keeping everything running smoothly and on time, but it still feels really cool. I’m lucky as all heck to have been around for it and I can’t thank Stefano Gaudiano enough for hooking me up and Michael Lark for giving me a shot. Just reflecting on an awesome 5 issues. To those of you reading, Thank you.

Congrats Brian!

While he may be hard at work on Eisner nominated comics he’s still available for commissions as well – and he’s been knocking out some amazing work recently!



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