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Eric W. Meador, pencil, 19×19, October 2008 – A commission for Chris Caira’s stellar collection of “Trophy Walls”.

Loki - Trophy Wall


Eric had this entire piece pre-visualized before pencil ever touched the page.  Here is his description to Mr. Caira of what he wanted to do with this commission.  You’ll note he has an extensive knowledge of Norse mythology, and had every detail of this piece already in his mind before he began.  Astounding.

“I am a big fan of Norse mythology as well as the Thor comics. While this piece will be a testament to the comic world there will be some nods to the actual mythological stories. I picture the piece being horizontal but I can alter it to be vertical. I believe I remember being told that this is to be the 11 x 17 format. I would like to go bigger”…”I just have a lot I would love to focus on and would love to have the space.”


My theory on Loki simply put is he has no friends. He sees the world as him against everything and everyone. The only other creatures I imagine he would let live are Fenrir the wolf and Jormungand the Midgard serpent (his sons in mythology).  They will play into the description later.  So the trophy wall is going to consist of enemies as well as known allies. Once he started destroying people and creatures he would be like a berserker and just take everyone out. I hope the ideas I have are not too gruesome but hey…with a theme like trophy wall… This wouldn’t be a smoking den like trophy wall. I am picturing a Norse encampment type of setting.


The setting is at the base of the Yggdrasill tree (the world tree) this will be a huge but conceivable sized tree because I believe the tree would be too large to include in a drawing. A very primordial tree. Various Norse ruins carved on stone would be in the undergrowth with foliage growing on them. There would be a camp fire off to the side in the foreground providing dramatic lower lighting on the scene (it is night). Loki would be slightly right of center stage. Loki would not be the slight build weasel type but he would be very well musculature and sizable. He is a god for God’s sake. For this piece I like the Loki with the HUGE horns on his head. A proud stance with the evil shown more in his face than in a conniving stance. His head is slightly bent down with a maniacal grin on his face and insane eyes. His right hand would be forward and fist upward with a large linked chain hanging and at the end is a huge bull nose ring that goes into either side of Thor’s head, looking forward with rolled back eyes and broken winged helmet held on with square tack nails.

In his left hand he would have Odin’s head. If you remember (or do not know) Odin sacrificed his right eye for one sip from the well of knowledge. His hand would be down by his side with the palm away with his thumb in Odin’s eye socket and his mid finger in the top of Odin’s mouth, bowling ball style. Hanging from his beard, woven style, would be his two raven’s heads, Huginn and Muninn. While we are on the topic of Odin, his two wolves , Freki and Geri would be stretched out on a wooden rack in the background, tanned for rugs. Frigg, his wife would have her head upon, Gungnir, Odin’s spear shoved in the ground. Also, in the background would be the eight horse hooves of Sleipnir, Odin’s stead piled on the ground.


Thor’s goats, Tanngnost and Tanngrisni, would have their heads in the tree as well. Mjollnir would be embedded in the ground because on one could move it. Which brings up the nerdy question of the Odin force but I will stick with this visual for the piece.


Most of the heads would be hung from the tree, kind of Head hunter style with hemp like chords suspending them. I have several ideas for individual with nods to either the comics or the myths. Volstagg, who is known for being a glutton would be eviscerated and stood up like a stuffed bear with oaken posts for support. Sif, who in the myths Loki shaved her locks, would have a shorn section of her hair. Hodur, Balder’s brother who was tricked into killing Balder with an arrow, would have one stuck in his head. Balder himself, who in mythology is sometimes portrayed as a Christ character would be nailed to the tree his self, but not in the classic crucified pose (don’t want to be too blatant). Idun would be up in the tree with one of her apples shoved in her mouth. Most of the characters from the comics would be placed in the tree as well.


The only living creatures in the picture other than Loki would be the Nidhogg serpent wound through the tree. Ratatosk the squirl that lives in the tree. Speaking of which the four stags that nibble on Yggdrasill would have their racks stacked against the base of the tree as well. In the background, in the shadows so the are not apparent without looking at in would be the shadowy faces of the huge Fenrir and Jormungand on either side of the tree with only bits of their faces shown but their eyes gleaming.” – Eric W. Meador, March 6, 2008

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