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There’s been a goodly bit going on.  This Wednesday, Rittenhouse Archives’ Marvel Heroes and Villains trading card set is released. I produced 150 cards for the set, and as the release date is so close they’re allowing participating artists to show off their contributions. Instead of blowing up your bandwidth with 25 images worth of cards, here’s a link to all of them on my DeviantArt site, and a preview image below:

Yeah, I picked a preview with 2 Daredevils on it just for Craig. 🙂

In addition, I’m well into my work on the Bettie Page card set, which includes some of my first Photoshop coloring work in quite a while. It took a bit for me to dust off the cobwebs, but I eventually got back on the bicycle and things went, I think, really well. It’s a pity I’m not allowed to show the work off publicly for probably at least another 6 months, unless something is used in a promo or something.

I’ve been asked to participate in another set I can’t announce yet, so that’s awesome.

I also got back from NYCC at the beginning of last week, with a cold. Of course. Good ol’ con crud. I was there as an art collector, not an artist, though I did drop off 4 pieces of art while I was there. I’ve learned that if I didn’t have a pro pass I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun. You need to get on those sketch lists EARLY, even for a chance at a sketch. Also, I could pretty much skip about 3/4 of the show, as I have no interest in Capcom, Ubisoft, Intel, or any of the other non-artists alley bits. Artist’s Alley was, indeed, awesome, and I stopped by/checked out a LOT of art, as well as meeting with and chatting up some old pals. I didn’t pick up much though. An Adam Hughes cover prelim, a David Lloyd sketch, and a couple of sketchbooks and art books. I also spent a day at MOMA, because I can’t visit NYC and NOT.

Small Picasso Drawing

Commissions still happily continue, and a nap is still readily needed. 🙂

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