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I usually sit for a while and daydream about the project.  I move the figures around in my head and figure out logistics and spacial dynamics and composition.  One of the main things I wanted to convey is Spidey multitasking the six.  I did a rough of the figures.  This doesn’t really show how I want the figures to look, it just shows the positioning.

Rough Layout
After that I set up my camera and figure out the lighting.  I then proceed to make an ass of myself by jumping around trying to get reference photos for the piece.  This is actually one of my favorite process because I might take a photo I wasn’t planning on that changes my thought process all together, or gives me an idea for a future piece.
I then do individual character studies.  One per page, to figure out how I want that character to look.

goblin study

electro study

ock study

venom study

vulture study

I then scan all of those in to the computer and then play with the positioning some more.
Once I am happy with it, I start on what will be the final piece.  Since this is a graphite piece I will be using a 4B mechanical pencil. The background being mostly big blocks of using a regular 4B pencil.

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