Mike Pascale and Richard Cox join Wednesday’s Heroes! September 9, 2009 – Posted in: Blog

Welcome aboard Mike and Richard!

I met Mike a few years back at WonderCon in San Francisco.  We’ve kept in touch since, and I’m thrilled to have him aboard with us here at Wednesday’s Heroes.  He’s funny and gracious guy and I think that comes through in his work.  His Modok commission is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  Just a spectacular display of artistry and twisted sense of humor.  Be sure to check it out in his gallery.

Richard is new to me, but it was immediately obvious that the guy has such incredible talent.  His recent Batman and Robin piece really shows off his flair, but the addition of the woman in the window is what really grabbed me.  That one little addition gives the piece so much more depth.  It takes the piece from being a staged pin up and makes it a snap shot of life.  It no longer looks posed.  His work is an utter joy to look at.

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