Our very own Mike Pascale has been a bit busy. He just helped Clifford Meth choose the winner of the Gene Colan Memorial Scholarship and Dave Cockrum Scholarship at his alma mater, the Kubert School. The winner was announced at the school ceremony Sunday, May 5. Congratulations to Ernesto Sin Alos and Daimen Torres.


Last month, Mike was also elected to the core committee of The Inkwell Awards, a non-profit organization founded by the great Bob Almond to celebrate, promote and educate about the art of comic book inking.

inkwell@heroesIn fact, voting for the fifth annual “Inkwells” completed last week, and the winners will be announced at this June’s Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. [Stop by and vist Richard Cox if you’re there!] Mike would like to thank Bob and the committee for their confidence and hopes to contribute to such a worthy group for a worthy cause.  Coincidentally, the final season of art auctions to raise much-needed funds for the Inkwells are going on right now on eBay.

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On top of all that he still contributes his regular column, A Picture’s Worth, as well as the new spin-off column, Bru’s Reviews, featuring spoiler-free reviews of geekdom’s best movies here at Wednesday’s Heroes!

Hey Mike...just a suggestion.
Hey Mike…just a suggestion.



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