Mike Pascale on Lip Service podcast! January 19, 2012 – Posted in: Blog

The January 18th Lip Service Podcast features a chat with our very own Mike Pascale!

Lip Service is an internet radio podcast that airs each Wednesday evening at 10pm (EST) on the W4cy.com radio network, hosted by Rod and Barbara Jenkins of Kiss Me Comix. They are an alternative comics company with a diverse group of heroes, characters and graphic adventure stories.


The Lipservice podcast began a couple months ago to spread the word of the diversity of independent publishers of graphic adventures. Previous shows can be found either on their web site or Facebook page.


Previous guests include Gary Giani (Prince Valiant), Tom Giani (comics artist/court illustrator of the Rod Blagovich trial) and Robert Boyd of Jazma online. Future guests include Beau Smith (writer/creator for Eclipse, Image, Dark Horse, including Parts Unknown)
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