Been awhile…Sometimes life and blogs do not mix well. Time to get back on schedule. How ya been? Same here. Hey, is that a new shirt? Nice. Did you get a haircut? Looks good. How’s the better half doing? The job? I hear ya.

Anyway, here’s what I been working’ on lately:

It’s that most WONDERful time of the year again! No, not Christmas–it’s WONDER WOMAN DAY! The national charity art event to benefit domestic abuse shelters organized by award-winning author and comic book scribe Andy Mangels. There are two events held simultaneously on each coast, one in Portland, Oregon and one in Flemington, New Jersey. This happens to be the fifth and final WW Day, so it’s time to go crazy! (There will be future events for the same great cause, just not Wonder Woman specific.) I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to contribute for the fourth time, so I did double duty and created four new pieces, two for each location.

First one was a pure “fun” piece, more of a “toon” exaggeration with nice bright colors, about 8.5×11 inches, in Design markers. (That’s right, not “Copic” markers. REAL ones, baby.)


Next, an 11×17 mostly b/w piece of our heroine leaping into the (unseen) fray while looking tough for the camera. Mixed media.

Third, the one I really had fun with, a “pop art” version with oil pastels and ink. About 8.5 x 11 groovy inches, man.

And last, another 8.5×11 piece on construction paper (honest!) in white pencil. Call this one “less is more”, which is rare for me, who normally likes to fill up space!

As difficult as it is for my ego to admit, there are dozens of other great pieces up for auction, by Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Don Perlin, Michael Golden, Neil Volkes, Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Guy Davis, Darwyn Cooke, and lots, lots more. Even stuff by folks you never heard of that would still look great on a wall or in your collector portfolio! Only reason I’m telling you about ’em is because of the cause…so check ’em out, will ya?

The auction is open for bidding NOW! You can bid via email–proxy bidding ends Saturday night/Sunday morning, October 23rd at midnight. Some are also on eBay but all are on the wonderful Wonder Woman Day website right here. (All bidding details are there as well.)

Please take a look and bid whatever you can–you’ll be getting a nice piece of original art and helping a lot of deserving women and kids at the same time.

And that’s a pretty wonderful thing.





P.S.: Just to continue the good karma, and to give YOU the chance to do good, I am donating ALL proceeds from any commissions from this link to the WW Day charities. Just ask Craig here. And I’ll donate in YOUR name, so the good vibes flow from the universe directly to you. Win-win for WW! Thank you!!

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