Been awhile…Sometimes life and blogs do not mix well. How ya been? Hey, is that a new shirt? Did you get a haircut? Looks good.

Thanks for checking out last month’s Zombified LAST KISS artwork. The offer still stands for anyone else who would like their favorite character zombified! (Zombies aren’t just for Halloween anymore…They make great Christmas gifts too!)

Anyway, here’s more of what I been working’ on lately:

First, I was invited to participate in a cool animation experiment. Mike Schneider, the creative sub-genius behind NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD REANIMATED, teamed up with legendary, award-winning animator Bill Plympton (a frequent and familiar name on many animation festivals like Spike & Mike’s “Sick and Twisted”) on one of his latest endeavors. Mike’s idea is to have dozens of artists contribute their interpretation of one of Bill’s images to animate a particular sequence. The project is titled “Guard Dog Global Jam.”

Here’s Bill and Mike’s original image:

And here’s my version:

The others submitted range from hilarious to creepy to just plain WILD (the other Mike actually used painted LEAVES!) Check ’em all out on Facebook here.

And if you know any interested artists, let them know immediately as there are still a few spots open!

Next, my pal Adam (PLEASANT HYMMS) Talley is working on a new direction graphic novella based on a new character named Anna Apocalypse. I don’t know much about it other than it’s based in a dystopian future (are there any other kind in popular fiction?) and she kicks major ass while still looking hot. (Smokin’ gun to go with the smokin’ bod, I guess.) He asked for a “quick pinup–anything” and I was too happy to oblige.

Here’s his cool cover cover so far:

And here’s my take. I started with a quick pencil rough, scanned into Photoshop and went from there:

More to come next time…I recently acquired some gorgeous artwork and will share it as soon as I scan it!


Take care,


P.S.: Speaking of gorgeous art, if you want a commission of a gorgeous gal like Anna or anyone else, Just ask Craig here.

Thanks and have a great weekend/week!

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