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Three bits for Monday’s musings:

1) I saw RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Recommended. Great setup to the series. (Thought I was gonna say I went “ape”, didn’t ya? Even I’m not that easy.)

Some brilliant plot points (especially at the end. No button after the credits, but an important one after the first few begin to roll). Middle was a bit slow, but necessary. John Lithgow is brilliant, but James Franco could have showed more emotion. (Notice not even his hairstyle changes over an eight year period!)

I swear a couple of the ape closeups in the very beginning were real before the CG simians took over. (You can tell by their movement thru the forest.) For the most part, a tour de force of chimpanimation! A few blatantly obvious fake looks but overall incredible work–you’ll understand the reason for the list of “senior texture artists” and “texture artists.” You’ll believe these tree-swingers are real.

Still, I am a bit nostalgic for Roddy McDowell’s real eye reactions (amazing what he could do since his mouth appliance basically just opened and closed) and some of the Rick Baker apes of films past. But this new film is a lightyear of improvement over the stuck-rubber mouths of the originals.

Only major complaint: a completely missed opportunity to add a primal primate love story and set up the birth of the next of kin. (You’ll see what I mean.) What did you think? Comment below!


CGI combines hauntingly with The Gollum (Andy Serkis) in the latest apefest (top). Today’s audiences would laugh at the once-impressive makeup on the original’s Roddy McDowall (bottom)–but not realize there’s a brilliant actor underneath. Trust me, he makes you forget about the awkward appliances soon after he speaks.


2) While searching for some files I found a cover published last century (man, that really makes it sound old, doesn’t it? It was only fifteen years ago!) It was for a ‘zine titled ComicAttractions published by a couple nice guys I met at a convention. This was back when alternative comics were more welcomed and locatable, and there were still several ‘zines covering them. (I still remember The Comics Journal online giving a favorable review to Bru-Hed’s Guide to Gettin’ Girls NOW! and having a full-page interview in Comics Buyer’s Guide when I launched Nasti: Monster Hunter. Ahh, the days of little sleep and less cash…) Anyway, here ya go:


Good covers tell a story. Then there’s this. “Hey, I’m just giving you a hand!” Ouch.


3) Finally, here’s a mystery for all you cyber sleuths. A dear friend of mine came across an amazing find at a garage sale. It’s a Robot Mickey Mouse Clock. (See the pic–cool, right?) Trouble is, there was no box, nor are there any markings to be found anywhere on the object, other than a cryptic “Copyright Disney” underneath the clock mechanism. Nothing! An exhaustive image search on the Web garnered no additional info. (Heck, we only found one pic of the dang thing in 28 Google pages…and that site had no description either!)


Got one of these or know what it is? Post below or tell Craig and get a gratefully great deal!


So I’m tossing it out to the artful experts in the audience. Someone out there has to know something about this! Is it from this century? USA or elsewhere? Common or rare? Mass-market or limited edition? For sale or a special premium? First person to correctly identify it with year and origin gets a FREE sketch card from me of any character of their choice. And if you can offer a lead or tidbit of correct info, Craig will take 20 percent off ANY commission from me PLUS FREE SHIPPING. You can post below or email Craig at this link




Hope your week is wackily wonderful and your acquired art always awesome.












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