Pinterest?  Really?  That’s for chicks.  Nothing but recipes and wedding dresses on that site.  They might as well have a “No Boys Allowed” shingle as their logo, right?




Pinterest is the third largest social media site on the web and growing like mad.  Don’t believe me?  Here are some hard numbers for you.

“Pinterest’s growth was calculated using both unique visitors and clicks from search engines, said comScore, and it was found to be the fastest growing network in both categories. The network saw +4377% growth between May 2011 and May 2012, the firm reported. Meanwhile, Twitter grew 58%. LinkedIn grew 67%, Tumblr 168%, and Facebook 4%…” – from ComScore’s Q1 2012 report.  

But that just means there’s 4300% more wedding cake recipes, right?


Sure, if you hop over to and simply look at the front page you’re gonna see a lot of jewelry, images of Michael Buble and shit that’d give Martha Stewart the vapors with excitement – BUT like all websites there’s a search feature.  I know, I know that’s like asking a man to read the instruction manual, but go with me here.  Try typing in “Frank Miller” in that search box and see what you get.  I’ll wait.  Go ahead, do it.  Heck, I’ll even create a link for you.  HERE <– just click that and prepare to have your mind blown.

Nary a recipe in sight, eh?  Just a whole lot of very cool images.  That’s the beauty of Pinterest.  It’s an image based site!  People pin their favorite images, so you can very quickly see a TON of fantastic art!

An example of one of the cool images from Pinterest with a simple “Frank Miller” search. Pinterest makes finding gems like this fast, easy and FUN!


With that in mind we’ve created our own little home on Pinterest.  I’ll be using our Pinterest boards to share amazing images that inspire us, sharing my own thoughts on pieces of artwork and of course showing off great stuff from our own guys here at Wednesday’s Heroes.  In fact going forward you’ll find a great deal of “behind-the-scenes” stuff on our Pinterest boards that you may not find any where else!  Stop by, check it out, “follow” our boards and leave some comments.  What are some of your favorite images?


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