I was going through my old comics last night and came across these gems.  Besides comic books, my other great passion is Prince.  I just love his work.  I bought these comics back in the 90’s when they were first published.  Since then my comic collecting has slowed considerably, but as you know I caught a bad case of the original art bug.  Seeing these comics again made me realize I HAD to track down the artwork to that Brian Bolland cover!


Brian Bolland, arguably one of the finest artists working in comics drew the cover to a Prince comic!  As any art collector will understand I was overwhelmed with feelings of  “it must be mine!”.  Consulting the tome of knowledge was in order. (aka Google).

A few google searches later, I stumble across this blog which has an amazing analysis of that Brian Bolland cover, but also, sadly, notes that the original artwork was purchased by none other than the Purple One himself.


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  1. Mike Pascale

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  1. WoW! Great story. Huge Bolland fan myself. Sorry to hear about the unobtainability of the original, but ya can’t fault the guy! And it couldn’t have gone to a more appropriate place at least.

    What I wanna know is, does Prince have any Animal Man or Wonder Woman covers? 😉


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