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My 2011 sketchbook has arrived, and as promised I’m putting some up for sale now.

The Great Cat Nip! Richard Cox 2011 Sketch Book

The sketchbook is 24 Black & White pages, with a full-color cover and limited to only 50 copies. All sketchbooks will get a head sketch on the back of your choice. The sketch will be approximately the size of a sketch card and will be PEN AND INK. Any marker work on the sketch will be at my discretion.

I’m only taking orders for 20 of the 50 for now, first come (and paid), first served, as I want to have copies at Heroes Con. I’ll be sure to mention online any I have left over afterwards, and pick up orders again at that point.

Contact Craig and he’ll arrange it for you.

Once I confirm you as one of the first 20, I’ll provide a direct link to pay me via Paypal. Rates will be as follows:

$12 – The Great Cat Nip!, Standard Shipping, inked head sketch of your choice

$15 – The Great Cat Nip!, Priority Shipping, inked head sketch of your choice

If I’m fortunate enough to have over 20 people initially interested, I’ll maintain a list of the additional people and contact them directly after Heroes Con with payment links.

I will NOT have time to start working on the head sketches until I return from the convention. Please do not hesitate to contact me AFTER THE CON to ask about where your book is on my list. I’m happy to update you, and encourage owners of my previous book to post their experiences. I will be working on these as I do my commissions, around my contract work/as time allows, but I have a a pretty good turnaround, I think.

Thanks for your ongoing support, I really appreciate it!



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