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Notes from Richard…

Scarab, from Kabuki. 9×12 Patreon reward, Copic marker and colored pencil on smooth bristol board. My general idea in approaching this was a combination of film noir and art deco for mood. I wish the detail on the wee flowers came through a little better. They were the thing that really brought the whole piece together when they were completed. Seriously – all of the color balance and harmonies just popped into place for me. Great moment, and it’s a piece I’m happy with.


Fair warning, this image is heavily edited in Photoshop . I put a lot of thick blacks on the art to get the noir/deco combo look, which makes the affected areas a bit shiny and tacky. The scanner tends to reflect the shiny bits when the light from the machine goes over the art, and I have to manually remove all of that in Photoshop (usually via the color burn tool), which sometimes looks more harsh than it truly is.

Scarab from Kabuki


This beauty is available as a print HERE.


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