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OK, as promised, here is the outline/script for the sequential art challenge!  All I ask is that you credit me for the story, and once finished, provide me with good quality scans of your work so I can present it here on the site! 

“Chasing the American Dream”

PAGE 1 – Full Splash – Title/Credits page-
Little girl being handed “Stars & Stripes” balloon by vendor at the county fair.
–          Make it as Rockwell/Americana as you can
Man: There you go little girl.

Little Girl (with big smile): Thank you!

Man: So…what do you want to be when you grow up?

Little Girl: A Doctor!

Man: Then you go right on ahead and you do that!

Little Girl turns and walks away.

Man continues: This is America!  You can be anything you want!Last panel: the balloon string slips out of her hand.


Series of images showing happy little girl chasing balloon through fairgrounds – balloon is always just out of reach.


Girl is now teenager in High School

–          sitting in science class (balloon passes by outside window)
–          chasing same balloon past football game and cheerleaders


Girl is now middle-age

–          She’s chasing HER children through grocery store (balloon should not be seen).
–          She’s being laid off from her job.
–          She’s pushing her kids in a grocery cart – on the streets.
–          In last panel she notices her Stars & Stripes balloon floating high in the air.  FAR out of reach.


She’s an old woman now.

–          Tending flowers in yard of senior center.  Her now semi-deflated balloon floats into yard.  She sees it and gives chase again.  Yet again, the balloon stays just out of reach.
–          After giving chase for some time, she finds herself at the gate to a large beautiful estate.  The gate is posted “NO TRESPASSING”.
–          Her balloon, finally too weak to float lands to the ground – just on the other side of the gate.


–          She looks to see if coast is clear, and then slips between bars to get her balloon.
–          She crouches down to pick it up.
–          CU – muzzle flash – SFX CRACK!
–          WS – woman lays dead beside the balloon.
–          MS – same closer, center on balloon
–          CU – shriveled, deflated balloon and her hand.  Her fingers are just an inch away from holding the balloon’s string.


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