Artists and art buyers at cons owe it to themselves and one another to have both Bump and Paypal on their iDevices

I posted this on Twitter yesterday, and thought I would elaborate at a , shall I say, more targeted audience.

First, some linkage:

Here’s the short and sweet of what I was thinking.

ARTISTS: With Bump, you have a mobile portfolio. Bump other devices (it’s cross-mobile platform) and you can not only share contact information, but also social networks and photos. That’s right artists, PHOTOS. It’s like a mobile portfolio. You’d have less to worry about in regards to cash either in your pocket or behind your table, will have more potential buyers as running out of on-hand cash isn’t a problem.

The Paypal App has Bump integrated into it. You can take and make payments to someone without need for carrying cash or credit cards. I’ll use conventions as an example here.

BUYERS: you can carry less cash. If there’s an artist or dealer or whatever who has a paypal account, you can send a payment to them from your device. If they also have the Paypal mobile app(with Bump integrated), tap phones, and you’ve just sent. them. a. payment. Think about this for a minute. Didn’t bring enough money? No problem! Don’t like carrying around the money? No problem! We all know those ATM fees suck.

I’d love to hear what ideas others may have. I know I’m going to advertise accepting Paypal via mobile device from this point forward at cons.

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  1. I didn’t even know that existed! (The only “Bump” I’m familiar with is the one on my noggin from hitting the car door.)

    I don’t have a smart phone (just a dumb one) but it’s a great idea nonetheless! And I assume I don’t need one for a fan to take advantage of the feature.


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