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“Shipping and Handling: How Do I Send What I Sold?”

[IMPORTANT NOTE FROM MIKE: As I was writing this, I found out about the passing of one of my artistic idols and personal heroes, the great Frank Frazetta. In order to do justice to his influence (and because I’m too upset now) I’m going to wait till next time to do a proper tribute. Thank you for your patience and understanding.] Anyone who buys art usually ends up as a seller at some point, whether…

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Writing vs Art?

Let’s get right into it… So here’s a question I hear debated all the time: Which is more important in comics, story or art? I can answer that in one word: WRONG! The phrasing isn’t correct. You see, the art is PART of the story. That’s why art in comics is also called “storytelling” and artists are often called “storytellers.” You simply cannot read the story in a comic book (or “graphic novel” if you…

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