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Batman Pinup Timelapse by Christiano Flexa [VIDEO]

Christiano explains his process… It started with a small study in the sketchbook … forms only, nothing too complex. The second step was to start the sketch, which I normally do with a 0.3 mechanical pencil lead, to have very light strokes. Since I was filming, I thought the traces could be too light to be captured by the camera, so I decided to scribble with a woodless pencil.

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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review: Tragedy and Triumph

A Picture’s Worth #89: “The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review: Tragedy and Triumph” All contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. Visual content ©2012 their respective owner(s).   We interrupt the “Comic-con Wrap-up” series to review the new Batman flick, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Final in the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale trilogy (note that’s two uses of the word “Christ” in Batman’s credits. I’ll let you philosophy and theology students and professors out there find the connections).

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Going Slightly Mad…

Here’s a look at how Richard’s latest commission came together. In Richard’s own words (with my comments in the image captions) :   I had only 2 specific requests from the client. No mustache (I assume this is a reference to the Batman TV show) and very, very crazy. Okie doke. My composition idea was to use a lot of black to give it something of a claustrophobic feel, as well as to allow the bold colors I knew…

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