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Batman Pinup Timelapse by Christiano Flexa [VIDEO]

Christiano explains his process… It started with a small study in the sketchbook … forms only, nothing too complex. The second step was to start the sketch, which I normally do with a 0.3 mechanical pencil lead, to have very light strokes. Since I was filming, I thought the traces could be too light to be captured by the camera, so I decided to scribble with a woodless pencil.

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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review: Tragedy and Triumph

A Picture’s Worth #89: “The Dark Knight Rises Movie Review: Tragedy and Triumph” All contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. Visual content ©2012 their respective owner(s).   We interrupt the “Comic-con Wrap-up” series to review the new Batman flick, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Final in the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale trilogy (note that’s two uses of the word “Christ” in Batman’s credits. I’ll let you philosophy and theology students and professors out there find the connections).

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Comic-Con Art and Artists Report-Part 1 of 2

Well, I survived year 15 or 16 of the show and am back to report on things artistic. You get to read about it here for free, without paying four bucks for a cold pretzel and eight bucks for a plastic salad–and no rubbing elbows with 125,000 sweaty, smelly fans either! To make things easier on Craig (and your eyes for this site), I’m doing this in two parts, sprinkled with some of the 220-plus…

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