Beer Abby #20: Playing the Playoffs from New England to San Francisco

Wow, where did the time go? Seems like 2011 was just a couple weeks ago. Oh yeah, it was. Now we only have 49 weeks till the world ends! Even worse, about 45 weeks till the stupid Presidential election. Wouldn’t that suck if you were elected and then the world blew up before you could […]

Beer Abby #19: “It’s 2012 But The World Can’t End Till After Football Season”

Happy week after New Year’s, my babes and brawn! It’s the week after the last holiday of “holiday season”, when everyone is supposed to be back and work and getting crap done–but most are still off physically or mentally, so not much gets done this week either. No problem, as it gives you folks a […]

Beer Abby #11

Greetings, gallant guys and guiding gals! It’s your pal Bru, thumbin’ thru the dictionary to find erudite ways to entertain your ego! (I have no idea what “erudite” means, but it starts with an “e” so it woiks fer me.) In addition to entertainment, I give you education and advice you abso-tootly can’t get ANYwhere […]

Beer Abby #7

Hey hey, my Bru-thers and Bru-sters! How’s your Thursday going so far? (Like I care.) Main thing is, I’m here to bring you advice for life that you can’t and won’t get anywhere else. Mariano Rivera may have broken the record for saves in baseball, but I aim to be the Mariano Rivera of comics and perform […]

Beer Abby #4

Greetings, losers, boozers, cruisers and hoosiers! Forget about Michael Vick, Michael Vick’s injury and the sucky Eagles. Forget about Tony Romo, his injury and the stupid Cowboys. Forget about dumb relaunches of classic titles and the messing with legends. Forget about cranium-crap Congress and jerky jobs reports. All that matters is ME! Um, and you, […]