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I was contracted to be a part of the BETTIE PAGE PRIVATE COLLECTION trading card set, and provided 5 sketch cards, as well as art for a base card (linkie) and other incentives (oooh!).  I love Bettie Page (TM), especially the non-bondage, more “good girl” stuff, which is probably no surprise. So it’s not like this was “work” for me.  I just went for a range of poses and photo reference that I felt wouldn’t be ones every other artist on…

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So How Was YOUR Decade?

Well, technically it’s (barely) still January as I write this, so consider it my New Year’s resolution piece. I resolve to do more of these things than I did last year! Or at least if not in quantity, in quality. (I guess I could do a couple a week with just a few sentences, like telling dumb jokes, but wouldn’t that be cheating? You’ve come to expect a certain level of good crap and darn it,…

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Bad Axe Studios’ Dungeon Dolls Trading Card Set

Well, it’s been announced on Scoundrel, so I can announce it here. I’m a base & sketch card artist for the Bad Axe Studios 2011 trading card project Dungeon Dolls, focusing on a “diversity of not only character archetype, but also character race, background, religion, etc, etc..”. But I suspect, really, it’ll focus on buxom women. 😉

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