Beer Abby #7

Hey hey, my Bru-thers and Bru-sters! How’s your Thursday going so far? (Like I care.) Main thing is, I’m here to bring you advice for life that you can’t and won’t get anywhere else. Mariano Rivera may have broken the record for saves in baseball, but I aim to be the Mariano Rivera of comics and perform […]

Beer Abby #4

Greetings, losers, boozers, cruisers and hoosiers! Forget about Michael Vick, Michael Vick’s injury and the sucky Eagles. Forget about Tony Romo, his injury and the stupid Cowboys. Forget about dumb relaunches of classic titles and the messing with legends. Forget about cranium-crap Congress and jerky jobs reports. All that matters is ME! Um, and you, […]

Beer Abby

Welcome to our newest featured column!  We’ll be publishing “Beer Abby” every Thursday! Advice for life from Bru-Hed™, America’s Favorite Blockhead!™ Hey there, all you fans, geeks, jerks and babes! This is Bru-Hed, the REAL man around this virtual town, here to bring you the best advice for your miserable lives. The gang at Wednesday’s […]

Guest Column: Bru-Hed Answers Your Emails!

NOTE FROM MIKE: Too busy to get to the blog this week so I’m having my pal Bru-Hed fill in. Believe it or not, he still gets occasional emails from long-time fans. Until he gets his own site or blog, he can’t answer publicly; figured this would be a great opportunity to do so. See […]

Random Apes, Art, Robot Mice and Rewards!

Three bits for Monday’s musings: 1) I saw RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Recommended. Great setup to the series. (Thought I was gonna say I went “ape”, didn’t ya? Even I’m not that easy.) Some brilliant plot points (especially at the end. No button after the credits, but an important one after the […]

A Year of Thanks

Every morning for the last couple years, I have written down three things for which I’m thankful. I keep a pad and pen next to the bed and write them immediately upon waking, so I begin the day in a grateful mood. They can range from the specific and self-focused (finding a great deal on […]