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What piece of art changed your life – Craig Hamilton?

    Craig Hamilton – When I think about what piece of art changed my life, I am overwhelmed with pondering countless Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, Vincent Van Gogh, great American Illustrations, and so on and so on and so on… On the third day of this unanswerable query crouching in my mind, the answer was obvious when I awoke and , as I have for the past thirty years, gazed upon that painting.

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What piece of art changed your life – Mike Pascale?

Mike Pascale – After a lot of thought, I’d have to say either FANTASTIC FOUR #1 or AVENGERS #4. Although both came out before I was born, I was fortunate (and blessed) enough to receive the later-issued “Golden Book And Record Set” for each as gifts as a tyke from my wonderful parents. Each set came with an exact reprint (minus the ads and cover price) of the comic plus a big LP “record” (a…

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