“Shipping and Handling: How Do I Send What I Sold?”

[IMPORTANT NOTE FROM MIKE: As I was writing this, I found out about the passing of one of my artistic idols and personal heroes, the great Frank Frazetta. In order to do justice to his influence (and because I’m too upset now) I’m going to wait till next time to do a proper tribute. Thank […]

“Art and Themes: What Should I Collect?”

Last week we discussed the merits of collecting commissions with themes. I want to thank everyone who contributed not only their great comments, suggestions and opinions, but links to their fantastic collections of themed commissions! Some really incredible, creative, fun and wonderful work by some amazing talents. (If you can’t get inspired looking thru even […]

“Commissions and Themes: What Should I Get?”

Since the focus of this (awesome) site is (awesome) commissions, I thought I’d focus on some ideas for same. Over the years on the Yahoo! group to which I belong, several collectors have posted themed commissions. Having a theme is a great way to build your collection, unify it and popularize it. The theme becomes […]