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Marvel vs DC…Fight! [VIDEO]

The latest commission from Christiano Flexa! The client requested two 11×17 commissions which could work on their own, but also be put together to create one huge 22×17 spectacle. Christiano nailed it. As always huge thanks to Moby and for the use of the music. (Radio Station (No Drums))

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Batman Pinup Timelapse by Christiano Flexa [VIDEO]

Christiano explains his process… It started with a small study in the sketchbook … forms only, nothing too complex. The second step was to start the sketch, which I normally do with a 0.3 mechanical pencil lead, to have very light strokes. Since I was filming, I thought the traces could be too light to be captured by the camera, so I decided to scribble with a woodless pencil.

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