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Friday Favorites – The Sandman #13

Sandman is arguably one of comics’ greatest series.  This is one of its finest issues. In this issue we’re introduced to  Hob Gadling.  It’s 1389 and he’s boasting that he’ll never die.  Morpheus (Sandman) and his kid sister Death overhear these boasts and challenge Hob Gadling that if that’s true, they’ll meet him in this very tavern in 100 years…and so the story goes.

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Haiti Disaster Benefit Auction

Living in an earthquake zone myself, the tragedy in Haiti is too real.  Our worst fears have come true for he people of Haiti, and they need our help.  Our guys at Wednesday’s Heroes have generously donated artwork which we’ll be auctioning off right here on our blog.  The bidding will begin this Friday, January 22nd and will last for seven days.

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