Digital Comics–Not Going Green With Or Without Envy

A Picture’s Worth #64 – Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale All pictures copyright their respective owners. Here’s another angle to digital comics that I think has been ignored or under-explored. While everyone else explores the economic factor ad nauseum, there’s a bigger consideration. One of the big themes lately is “going green”, or reducing one’s use […]

Digital Comic Sales–Can’t Buy The Numbers

Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. All pictures copyright their respective owners. I’m neck-deep in storyboards for the next couple weeks, so the next few columns will be short. Appropriate for any discussion of a new year is new formats. Comics are no stranger to this, as there are not only Web comics and Kindle comic editions […]

Reading the Future of Comics

There’s an interesting current discussion on LinkedIn titled, “The iPad Could Destroy The Comic-Book Industry.” That rather fearfully hyperbolic title was in reference to an article about digital comics. As loyal readers of this column last week know, DC is going “day and date” with their “52” comics beginning August 31st. That bit of business […]