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Joe Rubinstein inking workshop at Long Beach Comic Expo

Comic book legend Joe Rubinstein will be teaching an inking workshop at the Long Beach Comic Expo. The class is three hours and limited to 10 people.  There will be a demonstration and lecture by Joe and then one-on-one tutorials that all other students are welcome to watch or do their own work.  Joe will be doing a personal ink demo for each student to take home with them to study from.  All levels welcomed.

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A Year of Thanks

Every morning for the last couple years, I have written down three things for which I’m thankful. I keep a pad and pen next to the bed and write them immediately upon waking, so I begin the day in a grateful mood. They can range from the specific and self-focused (finding a great deal on comics at a garage sale) to the general and altruistic (rain for farmers after a drought), from the physical (a…

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Haiti Disaster Benefit Auction

Living in an earthquake zone myself, the tragedy in Haiti is too real.  Our worst fears have come true for he people of Haiti, and they need our help.  Our guys at Wednesday’s Heroes have generously donated artwork which we’ll be auctioning off right here on our blog.  The bidding will begin this Friday, January 22nd and will last for seven days.

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