Bru’s Reviews: WORLD’S END WON, KICK ASS 2 – as always, spoiler-free!

All original written content is (c) 2013 Mike Pascale. Visual content is (c) its respective owners. Bru-Hed is a trademark of All Ages Media and Mike Pascale.   Now to the show, pals an’ gals! This week, a double-header for you bed-wetters and cheddar-heads. First up: KICK-ASS 2, the sequel based on the comic by […]

Best Comic Book Movies

Mike is feverishly putting together a special “A Picture’s Worth” wrap-up of this year’s 2011 San Diego Comic Con. ¬†(Be sure to read his special reports from the show if you haven’t already here and here.) ¬†Wanting to keep you in fresh comic nerdery on this fine Monday, I present a look at some often […]