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By Bru-Hed All original written content is (c) 2018 Mike Pascale. Visual content is (c) its respective owners. Bru-Hed art is ©2012 and a trademark of All Ages Media and Mike Pascale. THIS WEEK: Dark Horse’s HELLBOY joins GHOSTBUSTERS, ALIEN, TERMINATOR, THE PUNISHER and of course, SPIDER-MAN for a romp in the reboot room! Apparently Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 original is now too old for the 18-25 demo, so this time, David Harbour (STRANGER THINGS/SUICIDE…

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Top 10 Mike Mignola Covers

Best known as the creator of Hellboy, Mike Mignola got his start as an inker at Marvel Comics.  Soon he was creating memorable covers for numerous titles (many you’ll see below!) before his first real break-out hit, Cosmic Odyssey from DC Comics in 1988. Here are (in my opinion) his 10 best comic book covers.  As always I’ve included images of the original art when I could.

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Conundrums and Confoundments: No. 1 of a Series

Hope all my U.S. readers had an enjoyable Independence Day. And I hope all of you, American or not, celebrated by reading an indie comic or watching an indie film! This week I won’t be able to insert pics (will explain next time) so I’m going on a stream of semi-consciousness instead. Hard as it may be to believe, even I get confused. Sometimes. Okay, a lot. Usually I eventually figure it out. Every now…

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