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Frank Frazetta: Greater Than – part 2 of 3

Missed part 1?  Read it here.

I’ll come right out and say it: Frank Frazetta was and is the greatest artist of the 20th century.

That’s right, I wrote “greatest.”

Better than Picasso? Dali? Parrish? Rockwell? Ross? Kirby? Boris? Elvgren? Warhol?

Maybe, maybe not. I didn’t say “best”, I said, “greatest”. There’s a difference. Continue reading

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Real Fantasy Women in Comics

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There’s no shortage of posts griping and sniping about the portrayal of women in comics–especially in the superhero titles. Anorexic arms and legs, waists as thin as ankles, with giant, circle-template breasts, callipygian backsides, impossibly tight and/or revealing costumes, pouty lips, seductive poses and gratuitous sex (implied or actual). Funny thing is, people have been complaining about such things since the 1950s. Since most superhero comics are drawn by and for men, the complaining won’t cease for a while (if ever). But when I come across depictions of fantasy females that appeal to me as both a hetero and an artist, I’d like to point them out. Continue reading

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A Novel Approach to Finishing a Novel

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Hello! Please excuse the late post…I was out of town celebrating a loved one’s birthday (yes, I still have some priorities outside of comics). This is a bit off the normal path of this column, as it’s not about the “picture” but the thousand words it describes.

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Frank Frazetta— Artist, Illustrator, Painter with Fire – part 1 of 3

On May 10, 1508, Michelangelo, one of the greatest artists of his time, began work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Five hundred two years later to the day, Frank Frazetta, one of the greatest artists of his time, joined him on the Other Side. Michelangelo lived to be 89, Frazetta 82. Though the first was famous for his frescoes (and marble statues) and the second for his printed work, both were known for their painted illustrations of wondrous stories with larger-than-life, colorful, well-muscled, emotive figures. One was more critically successful and the other more financially so, but both men contributed significantly to the aesthetic pantheon of their respective times. This article is part of a celebration of Frazetta’s life and work. Continue reading



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It’s time for another LAST KISS collaboration! As regulars here know, the jovial and genial genius behind the single-panel phenomenon called LAST KISS COMICS, John Lustig, and I team up when we can during holidays to make merriment using Silver Age Charlton romance art. Continue reading



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Rarely does it get weirder than this.

Last night, my wife and I were watching the BBC America “live” reveal of the 12th actor to play Doctor Who. When the name Peter Capaldi was announced, we both went, “Huh?” But when he stepped onto the stage, we cheered because we both recognized him. From where? No idea. Continue reading

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In the middle of Comic-Con craziness yet again. Time is short, lines are long. Because I have little of the former and have to deal with the latter, I have just enough minutes to send some bullet points your way.

Again there is a wealth of free panels and seminars for just about every discipline related to the creative and pop-culture fields: writing, drawing, animating, designing, producing, filming, retailing and now entrepreneurship. So far I’ve been to three different writers’ panels and learned quite a bit; I’ll share specifics in future blog posts. Continue reading


2006 Jack Kirby Tribute Panel at Comic-Con

A Picture’s Worth #97 – “2006 Jack Kirby Tribute Panel at Comic-Con”

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I was digging around and found a treat from the past. Back in 2006, I contributed a wrap-up of a couple panels to the Comics Buyer’s Guide web site. Since that was awhile before I began this blog, I figured hey, it’s new to you! Since Jack Kirby would have turned 95 a little over a week ago, I figured this would be a good time to revisit a nice tribute to the man and his work by some of his famous peers and co-workers. Peppered throughout is of course, art by Jack. Some inked by Mike Royer, plus a CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN page inked by Wally Wood. Enjoy! Continue reading