BEER ABBY #27: “2012 Oscar Wins, Eddie Murphy vs. Billy Crystal, Stan Lee and Leap Year”

©2012 All Ages Media   Greetings, fans and fanettes–Did you catch those wacky Oscars? Didja notice I went six of seven in my predictions including backups? (I woulda gone seven for seven if I had mentioned my backup choice for Best Pic, The Artist. I figured the only thing that trumps white guilt in Hollywood […]

“Trip To Hollywood Part 2 of 2: Warner Brothers Studio Tour, History and Secrets”

Contents and photos ©2012 Mike Pascale   Hope you enjoyed the Oscars. I didn’t watch, as usual, so I’ll have to let Bru-Hed comment on the winners on his next Beer Abby blog. (For his surprisingly accurate predictions, check this out! But don’t blame me if you’re offended!)

Bru-Hed’s BEER ABBY #26: “2012 Oscar Predictions, and More Ghost Rider Crap”

It’s that time of year again, kiddies! No, I’m not talking about the upcoming Three Hour Mutual Backpatting Fest (also called “The Oscars”), but Leap Year! You only have a week left to plan something worthwhile to do every four years. Make it cool–better than a presidential election at least! So let’s get to your […]

GHOST RIDER movie review, crazy Nic Cage, Gary Friedrich creator/artist controversy and Marvel Nazis

Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale. Pictures copyright their respective owners. I know I teased last week the second part of my Trip To Hollywood with the Warner Brothers Studio tour, but I gotta be timely with these things and Ghost Rider is all the rage. (Literally, as in causing lots of rage in and out of […]

BEER ABBY #25: “What Do Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Kate Upton, Ghost Rider, Nic Cage, Gary Friedrich and Kevin Smith Have In Common?”

Well, whattaya know, another week, another batch of craziness. Whitney expired too early, John Severin left in pretty good time, Ghost Rider opens just as its creator gets closed out. And a new comic book geek TV show. What do they all have in common? YOU mugs sent me questions on alla them! Let’s get […]

Trip To Hollywood Part 1 of 2: BloodMoon Movie Premiere

By Mike Pascale ©2012. All photos ©2012 Mike Pascale. Other pics ©2012 their respective owners.   Last week my wife and I took a drive down south to the entertainment–and traffic–capital of the world, the planet Hollywood. Not the restaurant, but the city. If you’ve been there, you know it’s really a world unto its […]

Beer Abby #23 – Tom Brady and the Patriots vs. Eli Manning and the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI plus Alan Moore vs. Giant-Man

Finally! It’s here! The roman alphabet game of the year. Beer, snacks, commercials, beer commercials, snack commercials, bad national anthems, overhyped halftime shows, aging singers trying to stay relevant, millionaires vs. billionaires on the field, and oh yeah, a football game. Welcome to Super Bowl week. Sorry gang, I know I’m a day late (but […]

Ordering From Web Sites and Frank Reade. Or: “The Difference Between Read and Reade”

Another bit of fodder for my relationship of ambivalence (re: love-hate) toward Internet communication. I saw a mention of an beautiful and exciting new art book on Facebook, with a link to a news article. I clicked on the news article, fell in love with the book and decided to immediately pre-order one, as it […]

Digital Comics–Not Going Green With Or Without Envy

A Picture’s Worth #64 – Contents ©2012 Mike Pascale All pictures copyright their respective owners. Here’s another angle to digital comics that I think has been ignored or under-explored. While everyone else explores the economic factor ad nauseum, there’s a bigger consideration. One of the big themes lately is “going green”, or reducing one’s use […]