Special Comic-Con Blog Part Two: “A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Blogs”

Here’s my second report from Comic-Con: San Diego. Since I was unable to post pictures in the first one, this will be mostly pics. Since you’ll no doubt get all the boring “major announcements” and lame “show exclusives” elsewhere, I’ll confine this installment to other things.

Special Comic-Con Report

Special Comic-Con “A Picture’s Worth”: “When Captain America Shows His Mighty Film” (NO spoilers!) Roving reporter Mike Pascale’s first report out of San Diego.  Take it away Mike!

Comic-Con 2011 Preview…And a WARNING!

I’ll open this week of Comic-Con: San Diego 2011 with a lyrical ditty that says it all (sung to the tune of “Save Me, San Francisco” by the band Train): I’ve been high, I’ve been low I’ve been in line since 0-6: 0-0 I’ve been Hasbro and some Lego Won’t you save me, San Diego I’ve […]

Comic-Con Art and Artists Report – Part 2 of 2

Welcome to the second of two wrap-ups for art and artists encountered at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. (To find the first, click on the “Blogs” link and scroll down.) More photos this time around. Let’s go!

Comic-Con Art and Artists Report-Part 1 of 2

Well, I survived year 15 or 16 of the show and am back to report on things artistic. You get to read about it here for free, without paying four bucks for a cold pretzel and eight bucks for a plastic salad–and no rubbing elbows with 125,000 sweaty, smelly fans either! To make things easier […]