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Magik Redux by Richard Cox

Here are two Magik sketch cards I’ve done.  The first card is from the Marvel Dangerous Divas card set.  The second is a recent commission (I was asked to recreate the Dangerous Divas card.) I tried to correct a few things I got wrong in the previous version, due to less experience, less time, or both. I think the new one came out much better, though the fact that this is a shot from my iPhone and…

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Marvel Heroes and Villains, other stuff Richard’s been up to

There’s been a goodly bit going on.  This Wednesday, Rittenhouse Archives’ Marvel Heroes and Villains trading card set is released. I produced 150 cards for the set, and as the release date is so close they’re allowing participating artists to show off their contributions. Instead of blowing up your bandwidth with 25 images worth of cards, here’s a link to all of them on my DeviantArt site, and a preview image below:

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