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How Eric W. Meador tackles a commission

I usually sit for a while and daydream about the project.  I move the figures around in my head and figure out logistics and spacial dynamics and composition.  One of the main things I wanted to convey is Spidey multitasking the six.  I did a rough of the figures.  This doesn’t really show how I want the figures to look, it just shows the positioning.

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So How Was YOUR Decade?

Well, technically it’s (barely) still January as I write this, so consider it my New Year’s resolution piece. I resolve to do more of these things than I did last year! Or at least if not in quantity, in quality. (I guess I could do a couple a week with just a few sentences, like telling dumb jokes, but wouldn’t that be cheating? You’ve come to expect a certain level of good crap and darn it,…

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