Here’s a peek at the work Mike has contributed to Tales of Sequential Mayhem #3…take it away Mike!

This is for the third issue of an anthology title my pal Adam Talley (STAR WARS and Marvel sketchcard artist, creator of PLEASANT HYMMS and ANNA POCALYPSE) and I have worked on off and on over the years, TALES OF SEQUENTIAL MAYHEM.

rufSeqMay3_zombiescan1w   Mayhem3_1MistressMp1w

This issue, like issue 2 is going to be a tribute to the old EC horror comics! Though I did the cover for issue 2 we let the talented Robert Knight take over for this issue #3. I’m doing eight pages, including the story “Killer Zombie”, with a new horror host named Mistress Mayhem (tongue firmly planted in cheek).


This comic will have stores and art by Adam, Robert and Shane Logan as well, plus pinups, fake goofy ads, and even a mock letters page! We’ve set a modest Kickstarter goal with some cool perks, and like last time, Adam has contributed a subtly hilarious video (watch till the last second for a surprise). Thanks for looking, and hopefully, contributing. Make sure to tell your friends…and your enemies that like horror comics!

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