This is for the second issue of an anthology title that came out in the aughts, TALES OF SEQUENTIAL MAYHEM. This issue is going to be a tribute to the old EC horror comics I and others loved so much! (No, I’m not old enough to have bought them on the stands, wisenheimers, but I sure bought as many reprints as possible, including some of the slipcased hardcovers published by the great Russ Cochran.) This comic will have three stories (one by me, one by Adam, and one by Shane Logan with art by Adam), plus pinups, fake goofy ads like those seen at the time, and even a mock letters page!

My pal Adam Talley (STAR WARS and Marvel sketchcard artist, creator of PLEASANT HYMMS and ANNA POCALYPSE) is again the driving force behind it. This time I was privileged to tackle the cover. Here are the initial (full-size) rough pencil for approval, the (90 percent) brush inks and then the color, applied in Photoshop (click below for larger images).

 Tales of Sequential Mayhem


I never penciled this rough, but since I was inking it and pressed for time, I just taped the rough as the pencils on a lightbox and inked from that. Initially my goal was to do an homage to the great Jack Davis (who did most of the covers and lead stories for TALES FROM THE CRYPT), but realized after much study that most of his intricate inks and creative crosshatching were done with pen. Since I’m strictly a “brush guy”, I opted for more of a drybrush look, popular with the other EC horror stalwart, “Ghastly” Graham Ingels. While no one can duplicate his style, hopefully I managed a decent tribute. (Other than the “Of Sequential” line, the lettering was hand-done. And boy, did I have respect for the original designer…whom I think was Ben Oda. If not, please correct me in the “comments” section below!)

BTW, Adam created a hilariously scary video for our Kickstarter campaign to help fund publication of the comic. You can enjoy it here.  Any and all contributions greatly appreciated!  Thanks!




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