Recently, I was contacted through LinkedIn by a wonderful couple, Casey Kasper and Jennifer Richards, who were looking for a storyboard artist. They had created a group of unusal and interesting-looking cartoon characters and were putting together a pitch for a series. They had a short script but wanted some visuals to help seal the deal. The characters are called The Kasperians, a group of eclectic aliens who play music together while they travel to the Kayleeum galaxy. Their band is called the Galaxy Starz and their message is a positive one of anti-bullying, which of course has become a big deal nowadays.

Casey is the illustrator and Jennifer wrote all the lyrics to the songs, as well as a book aimed at beginning readers learning about numbers and letters for the first time. (The book can be ordered here)  They’re currently working on an animated DVD as well as music for the songs.

They sent me to their site,, to learn more, and emailed me the script and character reference. We discussed budget and timing, signed an agreement and I got started. Because it was my first crack at animated boards (except for a few animated commercials in my agency days, all my boards have been for live action), I wanted to send them some pencil roughs first to make sure I was giving them what they’d envisioned. Thankfully the clients were happy and I proceeded to the “finished” versions you see here. (Though rougher than rendered commercial boards, they’re tighter than many animated boards since they’re being used for pitching purposes.)



It was a complete joy to work with both Casey and Jennifer and I wish them all the best of success with their project. Here’s hoping some smart, enterprising network picks up The Kasperians and helps a new generation of kids learn while they have fun!

Mike Pascale



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