The 80’s were the decade of the mini-series.  There were so many!  Good ones…the four issue Claremont and Frank Miller Wolverine, The Punisher by Mike Zeck, The Dark Knight, Watchmen…and of course there were those that didn’t quite live up to expectations…Ice Man, Hercules, Hawk & Dove, Cloak & Dagger…and then there is The Weird.  It featured two of the biggest names in comics, Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson.  It had the Justice League – Batman!  Superman!  …and I’m guessing you’ve never heard of it.  This series is such a gem.

Like many of these “favorites” I’ve written about, the details are sketchy in my mind.  I haven’t read this series in 24 years!   (good god I’m getting old!)  What has stuck with me are two things.  Bernie Wrightson’s art.  As you already know from my previous “Friday Favorites” (featuring Swamp Thing #4!) I LOVE me some Bernie Wrightson.  This series is no exception.  I don’t know if Dan Green ever inked Bernie’s work before or since this, but he did a credible job.  There are some truly spectacular images in the series.  There’s a tremendous fight sequence between The Weird and Superman done as only Bernie Wrightson could deliver.  Bernie’s work has tremendous weight, which helped emphasize the truly titanic struggle going on between these two extra terrestrials.

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Secondly, but no less important, the relationship between the title character and his “son” has really stuck with me over the years.  It was touching and quite well done.  Some of most intimate and human writing I’ve read from Mr. Starlin who is better known for his far flung space epics.

The best part for you?  This series can be picked up for next to nothing.  A quick search on eBay finds numerous sets for under $10 shipped.  You may even luck out and find copies at your local shop as well for about the same price.  I enthusiastically encourage you to give it a read!









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