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I thought I’d share with you Richard’s recent Thor commission step-by-step, including video of his working on the coloring.  Want a free lesson on COPIC marker use – WATCH the videos!  So the process obviously begins with the client’s request.  In this case the client wanted a single figure, cool COPIC commission with a minimal background.  He pointed to three previous works by Richard as examples of what he wanted – Sif, Batman and Daredevil.


inspiration_compedThe client liked the misty background from Sif, the intricate detail of Batman and the pose of Daredevil.

The next step is prelim sketches.  Richard typically offers three loose sketches and let’s the client choose one (and ask for changes if they want).


THIS is the best stage in which to make sure the layout is EXACTLY how you want it.  Don’t wait until the artist has put a tremendous amount of time into a piece and then ask for changes!  🙂

Next up…pencils.

thor_pencils-4-webThe contrast has been adjusted to make it easier to see, but this is the penciling stage.

Minor changes can be made at this point, but for the most part, as I said before, the layout stage is where you really want to get things ironed out.  Because of that, at this point the client LOVED the pencils and gave approval to move ahead to the inking with no changes requested.


thor_inks_4_webNot a lot to say here.  You’ll note how much detail – particularly in the background is left to the coloring stage.

Speaking of which…coloring!

Richard LOVES his Copic markers.  For this commission Richard set up his camera and streamed some of his coloring work live.  If you didn’t get a chance to watch then – here they are!

Part 1

Part 2

and here’s the final product!

Thor by Richard Cox


Now after all that I know you want a commission of your own – and you’re in luck!  Richard’s commission list is OPEN!



PS – for anyone what was hoping for the New Kids on the Block.






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