You didn’t think I’d let everyone else have all the fun did you?  Here’s my ten favs…in no particular order.   Drum roll please…


This began my love affair with Bernie Wrightson's art.
This began my love affair with Bernie Wrightson’s art.

Perhaps an obvious one, but when I was thinking about what my favorite covers of all-time were, this was the very first book I thought of.  When I was growing up I used to look through the Sears Wishbook to find what I wanted for Christmas.  One year I noticed they had comic books!  They had two offerings – one was 50 “modern” comics, the other was 10 “vintage” comics.  I got both!  When I opened the package of vintage books, this cover slid out of the box first.  Oh my!  What is THAT??  It was love at first sight.  I’ve bought just about every comic Bernie has done since.


Gene Colan greatness.
Gene Colan greatness (inked by a young Joe Rubinstein)

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to ole horn head.  It was the first title I collected.  At one point I had every issue memorized – show me the cover and I could tell you what issue number it was and what the story was about.  (I could probably even tell you who drew it!)  I’ve looked through the entire run of Daredevil books time and time again over the years and THIS cover always stands out as one of my all-time favs.  It was tough to not make this a Top Ten Daredevil covers list – I may have to do just that with another list!


The original art shows of the genius of Kelley Jones much better than the published cover.
The original art shows of the genius of Kelley Jones (incredible inking by John Beatty) much better than the published cover.

Another artist who’s work I KNEW had to be in this list.  The great Kelley Jones.  His run on Batman is one of the greatest of all time.  The above is only one example of so many great covers he did during his run on the title.


I've always been a sucker for classic horror monsters.
I’ve always been a sucker for classic horror monsters.

Not the most memorable comic I’ve ever read, but that cover has stuck in my mind ever since.  A DC mainstay, José Luis García-López did lots of wonderful covers.  Being a “Marvel Zombie” I’d always wished he’d work on a Marvel book.


Holy Shit!
Holy Shit!

“Holy Shit!” pretty much sums up this cover.  Bar-none one of the coolest X-Men covers of all time.  Simple and exciting – exactly what a comic book cover should be.  How could you see this on the shelf and not buy a copy?


Another obvious choice...
Another obvious choice…

What a way to announce yourself!  This was John Romita’s fist issue of Spider-Man following up the incredibly popular Steve Ditko.  John Romita cemented himself as the standard by which all other Spider-Man artists will be compared.


Another stellar debut.
Another stellar debut.

Much like Romita made a big splash with his debut on Spider-Man, Frank Miller did likewise with this iconic cover on Daredevil.  (Hey look…it’s inked by that same kid who inked #156 – Joe Rubinstein again!)


Mike Zeck + Punisher = Perfection
Mike Zeck + Punisher = Perfection

I wrote about my love for this series awhile back.  A big part of that love is the absolutely incredible covers by Mike Zeck.  Each and every cover of that series was poster worthy (Marvel knew it too and made posters!).


That's right, a Bernie Wrightson double-dip.
That’s right, a Bernie Wrightson double-dip.

Bernie Wrightson is so damned good, there’s no way I could only have one cover by him in my list.  This is his incredible cover to the long forgotten The Gargoyle limited series.  The covers to the rest of the series were not done by Bernie but are very, very nice as well.  You can find these four books on eBay for little more than a buck each – worth that just to look at the covers alone!



I’ll finish my list with a fun one.  I LOVE me some Prince.  A Prince comic is a strange idea.  A Prince comic with an amazing cover by Brian Bolland?  That’s just awesome.


Well, that’s my list?  What’s YOURS?



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  2. Craig


  1. WOW. Cannot believe I missed this. Must’ve been out of town or swamped with emails and missed the notification.

    Some wonderful choices, Craig! Agree on most of them. The Bernie and Romita choices especially. Amazing that I never saw/remembered the DD, Garcia-Lopez or Bolland Prince.

    You didn’t mention the X-Men cover artist(s). I see Terry Austin’s signature. All him?

    Also, WTF was up with COMICS in a SEARS catalog?? I woulda jumped on that offer! Do you remember how old the “vintage” comics were, and how much the lot cost? Did you get any “key” issues or #1s?

    Heck, I’d even like to see the page with the advertisement!

  2. I wasn’t sure on the X-Men cover artist. It was at the tail end of John Bryne’s run (which Terry Austin inked). It’s likely pure Austin, as it’s the only signature, but I’m not sure.

    “key issues”? I’d say Swamp Thing #9 qualifies! They were all about the same vintage, early/late 70’s. All were in amazing, unread nm/m condition. Not sure on price…too long ago to remember.

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