Craig Hamilton –

When I think about what piece of art changed my life, I am overwhelmed with pondering countless Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, Vincent Van Gogh, great American Illustrations, and so on and so on and so on…

On the third day of this unanswerable query crouching in my mind, the answer was obvious when I awoke and , as I have for the past thirty years, gazed upon that painting.

Voyage Of The Soul by Ellis Waters
“Voyage Of The Soul” by Ellis Waters (acrylic on canvas) 26×32 circa 1990


It is one of two Ellis Waters paintings I own. Ellis was a huge influence on me from the age of 13 and a fantastic lifelong friend. This painting, so simple and complex, speaks to me every day. It says something secret that only I can hear, as if it exists just for me. I literally look at it every day and even during times when I was living on the fly, I’ve had it with me. It is like a friend and a portal to another world, and a mirror. It has helped my mind, and heart, and soul to have it in my life.







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