Greetings, you grubby-handed goons and goonesses! (I don’t think that’s a word but it should be). It’s your best blog pal Bru-Hed here to make your life a living heaven. How? By answering your deepest, darkest and dumbest questions about life, liberty and the pursuit of stupidity! (It’s our God-given right, you know. Right there in the Constitution after “Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Freedom of the Press”.) So let’s get to your emails. Then afterwards, you can send me your questions for next time! Let’s go:


Beer Abby:

Why is Barnes & Noble boycotting DC Comics?

Jean Kahn

Missing, NY


Dear Jean:

Call it a case of virtual jealousy. They’re afraid that since DC is releasing its lame 52 titles online the same day as the print ones, people suddenly won’t want to pay three bucks and up for a printed comic. (Like they haven’t been doing so for the last decade.)



Yo, Bru-Hed–

Tiger Woods finally won a tournament. Will you be betting on him next year?

P. Rose

Cincinnati, OH


Yo, P.–

Yes. I’ll bet he nails at least eight strippers.



Beer Abby:

I hear that the new Arkham Asylum game uses the word “bitch” in reference to women. Isn’t that sexist?

Wm. Wuss

Oversensitive, OK


Dear Wuss-man:

It primarily is said by Two-Face–a psychotic villain who’s angry and trying to kill people. What should he say, “I’m going to make you expire, you strong and empowered majority Feminine-American!”? I’d expect Poison Ivy to call a guy a bastard. Or worse. Who the hell cares? We’re at war and people die every minute of cancer. If you spent more time volunteering at domestic abuse shelters or donating your money to them rather than playing and buying stupid video games and bitching about them online, you’d do a lot more good for women. (Oops, did I just say “bitching” to a guy? Yikes, I must be sexist and a man-hater. Thankfully I hate all people!)




What’s the easiest way to decorate my house for Christmas?

S. Nicholas

Yukon, Canada



Easiest way is to put up a sign in your front yard that says “Happy Holidays” because anything reeking of Christmas will bring a barrage of liberal snowballs and worse. All those Kwanzaa kooks and Athiest A-holes will be beating a path to your door–with pitchforks! Keep your celebrations to yourself and be a good citizen.



Hey, ‘Hed,

What’s a good holiday gift for my special lady to keep her in line?

F. Flave

Slapaho, NY


Hey, Flave,

Best thing a guy like you could give is a divorce. Seriously.



Okay, last one, pals and gals:


Mr. Bru-Hed:

I saw trailers for WAR HORSE and TINTIN. Which Spielberg movie should I see?

G. Lucas

Marin, CA


Mr. Lucas:

I’d see DUEL. Or JAWS.



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THANKS and enjoy yourselves…just wash up when yer done!










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