Collector Matthew West has been working with Eric on a project featuring our favorite Man Without Fear.  They wanted a way to pay tribute to the work of Gene Colan, as well as stretch Eric as an artist. Eric has long admired the fluidity that Gene has always imbued in his figures.  He also loves the “strobe effect” often employed which showed multiple figures of DD on a single page as a way of expressing his movement.

Seriously does ANYONE have the ability to express movement like Gene? On the left, from Daredevil #93 inks by Tom Palmer, and on the right from Daredevil #25 inks by Frank Giacoia. (Daredevil is ™ Marvel Entertainment)
Excellent example of the “strobe effect”. In this case superbly executed by John Romita.

They came up with a novel idea.  A series of individual commissions.  Each commission will feature a letter in the name D.A.R.E.D.E.V.I.L.  Within each piece the area falling inside the letter will be in full detailed watercolor, everything outside the letter will be in rougher sketch style.  Each letter will be a commission all on it’s own, but put together, not only will they obviously spell out DAREDEVIL, but each piece will be a snapshot of that “strobe effect” that Gene mastered.  Each piece will build upon the next, showing the progression of DD leaping from object to object until finally resting atop his final perch.

Being a HUGE Daredevil fan myself, I can’t tell you how excited I am to see this come along!

Here are some preliminary images of the letter “D”.

An early concept of the beginning…

Beginning undertones. You can see in this image the division between where the figure will be in full detail, versus the area outside the lettering where it will remain rough.
Laying down some color

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  1. Great write up, sir. Like you, I’m really excited to see this come to pass. Eric will deliver like nobody’s business on this one. It’s going to be pretty epic. I may just retire from collecting commissions after this series ;).

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