2013 Inkwell Awards plus Murphy Anderson and Dick Ayers

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It’s been hot as balls this past week, with triple-digit temps every day (and more expected until the holiday). So this week’s blog is about the HOTTEST awards of their kind in the comics industry, the Inkwells! I mean the first and only awards for inking and inkers in the bid’ness. The recipients for this year were announced in June at Heroes Con in gorgeous Charlotte, North Carolina. You can (and should) read all about ‘em on the official Inkwell site.

But the coolest part for me was writing the bios for the two winners of the Joe Sinnott Hall Of Fame award: Dick Ayers and Murphy Anderson! There are shorter versions of each on the site but here I want to present a bunch of art for each incredible gentleman.

Purely by coincidence, each man iconically represents each of “The Big Two”: Dick Ayers has been a Marvel mainstay since before the heyday of House Of Ideas began in the early 1960s. Murphy Anderson put the “distinguished” in the Distinguished Competition’s art of DC Comics beginning in 1950.

If you have no idea who those names are or what they mean to the industry (and pop culture in general), please educate yourself by reading about them on the link above. And ENJOY the visual part of the lesson below!





Please take a moment if you can to congratulate each gentleman in the “Leave a Comment” section of the Inkwell Awards page, and/or on this page and/or on your own social network via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or whatever you use (even MySpace is welcome!). Regardless of your personal feelings for their individual styles, the undeniable fact is that without them, the comics you grew up with would either be lame or not exist at all.


Bru-Hed CloseupThanks,




P.S.: If you’d like an original art commission of any of the countless characters these fantastic ink artists graced with their talents in an “old school” style, I’m more than happy to provide it for you at a very reasonable price. Just ask Craig here!




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