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Hope everyone had a very happy Easter, joyous Passover, or whatever combination thereof. (Passter? Eastover? Overeasy?)

This is the 75th edition of “A Picture’s Worth”! That means I should get something of diamond and gold. So I’ll take some comics written by Mike Gold and distributed by Diamond. Fair enough?


Mike Gold has been a writer, editor, columnist, co-founder, humanitarian and much more. So I bet he would appreciate this blog post as much as I do…if he hasn’t heard the joke already! I’d be happy with a signed copy of this Superman book to celebrate my 75th APW column. Thanks!


To commemorate this momentous occasion (named after Moe Mentos, inventor of the long-forgotten superhero, The Fresh-Maker), I’m giving you the greatest (or at least my favorite) creative industry joke ever told. I first heard this in advertising (with a copywriter, art director and account executive) but the comics version is just as good. And you don’t have to be “in” the business to enjoy or appreciate it. Even better, it’s gender-, age- and race-neutral!


The origin of the term, “momentous”. No, really. Don’t believe me? Go see the Stooges movie this Friday.

Here ya go:

A writer and artist are in their editor’s office. They’re chit-chatting about their respective vacations.

The editor shows them an exotic, antique lamp. “I picked this up in some foreign market.”

“Beautiful design,” the artist says. The writer chimes in, “Looks like it needs a little polish, though.”

The three of them each grab a tissue and help rub away the dust and dirt. Suddenly, smoke erupts from the lamp; all are startled. When the smoke clears, a huge Genie stands before them. “Thank you for releasing me from the prison of the lamp” the Genie bellows. “Since all of you helped, I shall grant each of you one wish. Anything your heart desires.”

The three recipients are stunned. “Who wants to be first?” asks the Genie.

The writer pipes up: “Okay, since I start the creative process, I might as well go first. I’d like to have a paid sabbatical, as long as I need, to write the Great American Novel I’ve always dreamed of writing.”

“As you wish!” replies the Jiin. With but a wave of a hand, the writer disappears in a puff of smoke.

“Wow–that’s cool!” says the artist.

“Are you next?” asks the magical figure.

“Yes, I am. I want to have the same paid vacation, but to Italy, where I may paint the world-renowned masterpiece I know that is inside me.”

“Done!” yells the Jinn, as the artist also vanishes in a flash.

“That leaves none but you,” the Genie notices, pointing to the editor. “Tell me, what do you want most of all?”



Unblinking, the editor slams a fist on the desk and yells, “I want those two back here RIGHT NOW–we’ve got a deadline!”



Got any more? Say so below. We can always use a good laugh!


P.S.: If you’d like something drawn funny, or something funny drawn, or just any cool bit of original art, how about a commission? Just ask Craig here!



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