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THIS WEEK: Another short take with the Good, Bad and the Ugly (in tribute to 88-year-old Clint Eastwood, whose new movie “The Mule” was still in the Top 5). I’ll make these quick so you can drive to the theater–or your easy chair.

First up: DC’s sea-swimming member of the Justice League, Aquaman, finally gets his own flick after 75 years (created in 1941, the year of Pearl Harbor. And if you’re an American who doesn’t know the significance of either, Google it immediately…but first smack yourself in the face). Jason CONAN Mamoa plays the “guy who can talk to fish” in the origin story starting with how Arthur Curry’s parents (human dude and queen of Atlantis) met. From there it’s about reclaiming a throne while stopping a world war/surface takeover plus a subplot involving villain Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and a half-bro (Patrick Wilson).


Screenplay by David Leslie and Johnson McGoldrick & Will Beall with story by Geoff Johns & James Wan and Will Beall. Directed by James Wan. Aquaman created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger.





  • Mamoa is the best male DC actor in terms of character in decades! He’s perfect for transforming Aquaman from old joke to modern smart-ass badass. His acting ability isn’t at the same level as Christian Bale or Heath Ledger, but everything else makes up for it. Gal-pal water-warrior Mera (Amber Heard…what, I don’t know) is as red-hot as her hair and Arthur Curry’s mom Atlanna (Nicole Kidman) is one moist MILF. Communicating with sea creatures is done smartly. The undersea sets and costumes are mind-blowing (jellyfish cloaks?!). Special effects, creatures (especially the giant sea horses/dragons), camera work, stunts and battles are pretty awesome. Some genuinely funny parts. [FROM MIKE: Finally, we get creator credits and special thanks, like Marvel’s been doing.] Watch the after-credits scenes (two).



  • Overall too long and too complicated. (In order to accomplish goal A, the characters need to find object B. To find B, they need C, to lead them to D, which they can only get by seeking E which guides them to F, but G interferes in and makes them get H, which takes them to I, but they have to fight J and then hook up with K before L happens…) And there’s no less than four out-of-the-blue explosions to shake up various scenes (like the writers couldn’t think of another transition.) After the first two, you expect them.


  • Willem Dafoe’s man-bun. Dolph Lundgren’s battle outfit. The Brine King. Prepare to suspend metric tons of disbelief when it comes to the undersea kingdom…like, how do they speak or eat? What do they drink? Do they pee and poop anywhere like fish do or do they have toilets? If the latter, where exactly does the waste go? Do they eat seafood? How does the electricity work to power all the lights and stuff without shorting it all out? I got questions!



See It

Definitely feels like the 2.5 hours it is but the visuals are just soooo cool it should be appreciated on a giant screen. But you’ll want to also catch it OnDemand and/or on BluRay too so you can pause at all the neat stuff and see how it was made. (And hopefully see some outtakes.)


That’s my last one for the year, boys ‘n’ goils. Hope you had a good 2018 and have a better 2019. Don’t drink and drive on New Year’s Eve (or any other time) but do drive and then drink. See ya next year!



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